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How to win a girl back after rejection?

September 30, 2019

I told a classmate of mine in Bible School, she was very friendly and very nice to me, even touchy so I went direct with her and said to her "I like you, we should get on a date next week." She agreed, I know she is looking for a boyfriend. But since then I've acted poorly, throughout the whole week, I was a bit creepy, unconfident, unsure and probably looked like a manchild. So she told me before the date that "I'm not looking into dating at this moment, I'm not looking for a boyfriend at this moment. I don't feel like it's the season for it." And basically was giving me the "nice guy" treatment. She even used the term "confession" for saying that I liked her. I guess the incongruence got to her.

After this it wasn't the same as before, she's no longer as nice, she's no longer as friendly, and no longer as touchy. She's no longer receptive to my teasing/flirting. Although she still smiles a bit, but it's no where near as before. She no longer greets me properly, while with the others she's still quite nice. I have moved down the ladder.

The good thing is I can see her everyday. So there's still a big chance for this to happen.

How do I get back up to the ladder? What's the right balance in giving her attention? Of course I shouldn't ignore her, but I shouldn't be so needy as well. In my personality I'm naturally teasing/flirty and have a fun vibe. Would she be able to forget what I did this week in looking needy and unconfident? How would I be able to get my power back? The tables have turned, it seems that she wants to be the one who wants to get chased.

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