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[META] Field Reports, OYS, etc?

July 19, 2017

Foremost, I want to say I am stoked for this subreddit. TRP/MRP are great, but it is nice to have a corner of the manosphere that doesn't require quite as much sifting through the muck to get to the gems. That said, I have a few questions / thoughts on how things will be fleshed out here. Hopefully this is the right means of bringing it up, if not just mod this post into the outer-darkness.

Own Your Sh*t

Frequently cited as one of the most valuable aspects of TRP/MRP are the weekly OYS accountability threads. Is this something that we plan to do in RPC or should we contribute to the TRP/MRP threads? Being a long time lurker rather than poster, I'm not sure what the etiquette is around these sort of things.

Field Reports

Perhaps this is a natural aspect of a new sub, but so far we skew heavy on high level didactic material rather than reports and questions from the trenches. Interestingly, one of the most active threads was this question post by /u/mista_resista

Is this the sort of post that should be encouraged? If so, how?


While there is an understandable discomfort with the concept of applying dread, the "60 days of dread" challenge seemed to be popular / helpful for many. Are there any similar challenges that you guys would like to see done here?


It was joked about on another thread, but I think for accessibility purposes keeping post lengths down should be encouraged. It doesn't shock me that a group of fairly conservative Christians like to pontificate, I know I sure do, but it really does make following threads more time-consuming than needed. I've noticed a stark contrast between RPC and MRP in this aspect. Perhaps it is because there is less cussing here. :P

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