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My Anger Phase

January 24, 2019

When I took the red pill I did not experience the "anger phase" as many do. Sure, my mind was somewhat blown when I internalized the concepts hypergamy, AWALT, and Chad, but they made sense. In fact, more than being upset I found myself excited. You can't win a game unless you knew the rules, and the red pill helped me learn the rules of the game I found myself in.

This is also the reason for my anger phase.

Why did I have to find some random secular hole of the internet to discover the rules of the game? How come the church never taught me what amounts to basic biblical truth? Why didn't my pastors teach this stuff during pre-marital counseling? After all, most (if not all) red pill concepts are readily found either in scripture or in nature. How could my pastors and elders be so blind?

They'd read scripture. They knew exactly what Paul wrote about women in the church and family. They had to know that their version of "complimentarianism" was merely egalitarianism in drag. Whether it was ignorance or cowardice that lead to their silence, the men at the helm in the church today are wreaking havoc on Christian marriages. To borrow a redpill term, they are drunk captains and the bride of Christ suffers for lack of strong leadership.

The manosphere is full of criticism towards Christianity, some of it is misguided, but too much hits close to home. This is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about RPC as a community. We just recently broke 2,000 subscribers to this sub. That means 2,000 men who are learning and experiencing a "new" way of conducting themselves. 2,000 men who know, live, and teach, the truth can radically change the landscape of modern Christendom.

Make no mistake about it men: living your mission, leading a successful marriage, and ruling an orderly home is a serious gospel testimony to a world full of men who are giving up.

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