In a recent post u/BobbyMckgee brings up and attempts to answer a question that shows up in various places of the manosphere:

how much of a role does the genetic hand you've been dealt play in your success with women?

The conclussion arrived at by the end of the post is that due to social media distorting the Sexual Market Place "genetics play an ever so large role" and to "pursue an LTR with a woman 2-3 points below your SMV" meaning "if your SMV is 7 or below, this could be a deathknell as you likely don't want a 4 or 5." He suggests that if you are a 4 or 5 of 10, you will NOT be ever attracting a 7.

In the interest of brevity I am not going to interact with the post point by point, but rather give an alternative conclusion.

The Genetic Lottery

Genetics matter a greeat deal in attraction, just as they do anywhere else. Short? No NBA for you. Low IQ? Probably not going to MIT on merit. Terrible eyesight? No flying jets for you. Etc. etc.

Now. Should these people throw in the towel, dispair, and be black pilled? Of course not. Each was dealt a different hand by God, entirely beyond their control. Their only rational option is to play the hand that was dealt them to the best of their ability.

In terms of looks, everyone has a genetic starting point as well as a genetic potential. Some suggest that SMV is fixed and can't be improved more than a point if at all. That's stupid. Just look at the "brogress" sub for proof.

Take a look at these guys:

Now, would any of the "before" examples stand a chance competing against their "after" selves in the SMP? No. Each of these guys increased their base looks-only SMV by at the very least 1 point. Look at every "before" picture and you will see a guy who could have easily said, "I don't have good genetics, so I'm going MGTOW/Incel" and felt justified doing so. Yet they each took the time to self-improve, sometimes to dramatic effect.

My favorite is "Fluffy to Foxy" guy. The vast majority of women wouldn't have even noticed "Fluffy", let alone consider him as a sexual option. "Foxy" on the other hand is a panty dropper to many women. I don't think it would be an exageration to say he went from a 4/5 to an 8. What changed? 3 years in the gym (hence why Lifting Is Not A Suggestion around these parts), a haircut, and much improved fit/style. Just consider being that guy for a moment. Is your life not considerably better in every way? Your clothes fit, you are stronger and your body is more functional, women notice you, etc.

Is "Fluffy to Foxy" a genetic ubermench who hit the genetic jackpot? No. Is he taking steps to approach his genetic potential? Yes. That's the difference.

This is why the blackpill is for losers. Literal losers. Like, you lose if you take the blackpill and throw in the towel. It isn't rational behavior at all.

The Downside of Genetic Giftedness

Being genetically gifted in terms of looks (facial structure, height, ethnicity, etc) is like playing a game with cheat-codes on. This makes "winning" come much easier than it would otherwise and the need to develop solid "game" unimportant.

Well, the reason why marriage is called "RP on Hardmode" is largely because "game" becomes disproportionately important in an LTR. I've known several guys who were genetically gifted in terms of looks and despite having terrible game had no trouble at all picking up women. Their struggle? They had no game or concept of how gender dynamics worked and they would always manage to blow up their attempts at LTRs. The "I used to be alpha, then got married and turned beta" trope is this very issue.

Imagine a trust fund kid and a poor kid. Imagine these four outcomes:

  1. The trust fund kid blows the money and ends up broke
  2. The trust fund kid learns how money works and stays rich
  3. The poor kid learns how to make money and gets rich
  4. The poor kid stays poor (...and then leeches off the system, votes democrat, and ruins western civilization..)

Being blackpilled on genetically determined looks is taking option number 4. Even if the kid in option 3 never gets a tenth as rich as the trust fund kid, he is still better off than #4 loser kid. Don't be the loser kid.