To a brother,

The following is not intended to wound you carelessly, but as surgeon wounds a sick patient to carve away the cancer. Only by causing damage first can the healing begin.

Women don't dislike you because they are thots corrupted by modernity, they dislike you because you are unattractive. Your faith is solid, but your body isn't. Your prayers and sacrifice are a sweet fragrance to God, but it doesn't mask your body odor to women.

Reading that probably roused your obvious distaste for women. You find them shallow, vain, and unspiritual. Perhaps you are right, but you are mistaken nonetheless. You don't dislike women for being women, you dislike women because they aren’t men.

Read that again.

You will denounce transgenderism, rightly pointing out that God made men and women extremely different. Despite this,you become upset when women think and behave vastly differently than men do.

You would not get upset with a cat for behaving like a cat because you don't expect it to be otherwise. If you expected a cat to behave like a dog you would be understandably irritated.

"Why isn't this cat loyal?"

"Why isn't it grateful when I feed it?"

"How come it isn't excited when I come home?"

Because it's a cat, not a dog.

Like a man upset that his cat doesn't behave like a dog, you become upset when women don't behave as men do.

Your expectations of women do not align with their true nature. This is understandable. No one has taught you the true nature of women. Not only so, but society has actively lied to you about their nature. Unless you learn the true nature of women and learn to accept them as they are, you not only never enjoy women but you will be greatly susceptible to their manipulations.

What is the true nature of women? Women are hypergamous and will seek the attention of the man at the top of the totem pole, even if they are otherwise "committed" to another man. Women interpret the world through feelings and emotion, so much so that they often reinterpret the past based on their feelings in the present. Women are incapable of loving you the way you love them, in the same way that children are incapable of loving their parents the way a parent loves a child. The differences are many and the list goes on from here.

Knowing that women have conditional loyalty, emotional driven perspective, and child-like love, why would any man want a woman in his life?

Some don't. Given the proper context, that's okay. If a man is able to attract women but does not want one, that is his prerogative. If a man is unable to attract women but does not want one, that is weakness. If you are going to forsake women and go your own way, do it from a position of strength. The unattractive man who swears off women is as pitiful as the man who yells, "You can't fire me, I quit!" Don't be that man.

Many men, knowing the volatile and foreign nature of women, chose to pursue women, even to the point of marriage. They do this for many reasons, such as having children, but perhaps chief among them is because it is fun. Why do some men take unnecessary risks, such as skydiving or owning exotic dangerous pets? Because men are drawn to the thrill of danger.

Which man are you? The man who can get a woman but doesn't want one, or the man who wants a woman but can't attract one? The honest answer is the latter, and while you won't admit it out loud you know it to be true. We both know that if you aroused the attention a hot female peer and found her suddently into you, you would change your tune. So let's be honest, the issue isn't truly that you dislike women, it's that you dislike that women dislike you. That's perfectly reasonable. Join the club, we've all been there at some point.

So where do you go from here?

Learn the nature of women and learn to accept them as they are. Does acceptance mean tolerance? No. Disloyalty is still disloyalty, but knowing that women will trade upward, use this element of their nature and become the guy they desire to trade upward for. In similar fashion, each element of the female nature presents both danger and opportunity, if you know how to use it. Spend time in the manosphere learning. You will likely go through each stage of grief as you learn how deeply you have been lied to. That is normal. Embrace it and keep moving forward; you will be stronger for it.

You will begin to find yourself at odds with others in your congregation, likely respected members or even pastors or elders. You will wonder how they don't see what has become so obvious. Be gracious. They like you are deeply influenced by the culture. Pray for them. Talk with them. Don't go Rambo and call them to task, you have nothing to gain by being overzealous here.

Next, you need to practice interacting with women with their true nature in mind. Knowledge without action will not transform you. As you learn to apply what you've learned you will find yourself failing at times. That's part of the process. Eventually you will begin to experience success with women. Don't stop here, keep going. If you do, you will eventually be attracting women you used to think were entirely out of your league. You'll be tempted to settle here, but keep going. If you do, you eventually reach the point where women you otherwise thought were reasonable down-to-earth good girls are unabashedly throwing themselves at you. It will be exciting at first, then sickening. Nothing will sober you up on the nature of women quite like seeing otherwise respectable girls going out of their way to compel you to do all sorts of unspeakable things to them. If you settle before this point you will think you found a unicorn, a woman who "would never even think to do something like that" in a million years, only to find yourself flabbergasted by her trangressive behavior later if she acts on these suppressed impulses. But now you've begun to see the true nature of women and are ready to make an informed decision of whether or not you want one in your life for the long haul.

Regardless of what you decide, you will be respected for it as you decided from a position of abundance and opportunity, not scarcity.

In love,