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Own Your Slice: 7/26

July 26, 2017

There was some discussion as to whether or not there will be regular official "OYS" threads here. On one hand, it seems beneficial to post in existing RP subs where there are many active participants ready to rip you a new orifice. On the other, there are some things that only pertain to Christians (such as family worship, personal bible study, prayer, etc.) that would be lost on the heathens (mostly kidding).

Since there is no official stance at this time, I am going to throw this out there for my own benefit and for the benefit of anyone else who chooses to participate. I don't pretend to represent anyone other than myself here so take it or leave it as you will.


As Christians we recognize that God is sovereign. By definition, this sovereignty means that everything ultimately belongs to Him (Hebrews 2:10, Psalm 24:1).

Like Adam we are each given a garden to tend. Beginning with ourselves and extending outward, we each have a slice of the Kingdom of God to steward (Genesis 2:15).

Whether it is how you manage your body, finances, family, or dog, you will have something you will answer to God for (Romans 14:12). This is our chance to examine both our successes and failures in order to become good and faithful servants (Matthew 25:23).

Unlike Adam, do not blame your failures on others and make excuses. Like Christ, take accountability for everything that happens within your domain.

Gentlemen, Own Your Slice.

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