“RPC isn’t a place to stay but more of something to extract the marrow from and move on.”

This sentiment has been floating around here recently and I want to suggest that it is bogus.

Man, especially the modern variety, is prone to forgetting truth. In fact, We are constantly forget important things. This is why God has to teach Israel the same lessons, over and over and over. This is why we go to church to hear the Gospel every Sunday. It is why champion sports teams review the basics and why we have anniversaries, holidays, and a calendar that helps us remember important things.

So why do some of you think you can just download some info from the internet, radically alter your outlook on life, and just move on as if you aren’t going to end up backsliding into betahood? Maybe not all the way back, but stop refreshing yourself on the basics and principles here and see how long it takes for you to forget and stop applying them.

I am not suggesting RPC or anything other than church and Christ become central, but don’t plan to move on so hastily.

I know I need refreshing on the basics and have found tremendous benefit from reading old saved, top, and sidebar posts here and elsewhere. You’d be amazed at what was forgotten or overlooked when you do this.

You should always be a student.