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Share A Tip Saturday

October 14, 2017

Just what it sounds like. Share something that has been working for you in achieving your relational goals now or in the past. Keep it practical. We want to add tools to the toolbox, not have deep theoretical discourse. If you see someone post that has worked for you, upvote it to lend your endorsement. Get to it gents.

My tip: pull pranks and intentionally do things that annoy her. Example: there is a song (Stress by Justice | https://youtu.be/0qXmxVySMzw) that is irritating as hell. Secretly setting it as her alarm in the morning is hilarious. It’s childish and stupid, but just like Sally secretly enjoyed having her hair pulled on the playground, hot women enjoy being teased.

In the end I do it for my own laughs, but she likes the lightheartedness that this sort of thing brings to the relationship.

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