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The Cost of RP and the Benefits of Community

March 7, 2018

Ecclesiastes 1:18

For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

The Red Pill can be tough pill to swallow. As the pill dissolves you begin to see reality for what it is. Life, like an actress stripped of her make-up and expensive clothes, is not at all what it has been presented to be. As you apply RP truths you begin to see just how common and deeply held Blue Pill beliefs are. You begin to see it everywhere.

Your pastor preaches that the way to experience marital bliss is to do everything in your power to make your wife feel comfortable and secure. Don't even think about glancing at another woman, and if you do, you'd better go confess it to your wife and beg her forgiveness. Maybe she'll agree to being your "accountability" partner, wouldn't that be helpful? You are told that being vulnerable is the way to a woman's heart. Jesus wept, don't you want to be like Jesus?

You turn on the radio. You hear song after song about how powerless beta Jesus just really super badly wishes we'd say yes to his invitation to prom uh, salvation. Since taking the Red Pill the repetitive sappy lyrics on repeat can't help but remind you of some sort of sad amateur propaganda contest.

Respected Christian leaders teach you that "a woman has every right to expect that her husband will earn access to the marriage bed" and that a "wife will freely give herself to him sexually only when he presents himself as worthy of her attention and desire." (source)

Your friend confides in you that his marriage is a sexless hell. He is convinced that the reason for it is because he isn't enough enough of a servant leader and needs to help out around the house more. After all, he explains, he recently came across an article about the benefits of chore-play. You try to slip in some RP truth to try and help the poor guy, but he dismisses it as "worldly" and expresses his concern that you are flirting with dangerous beliefs.

Yet you increasingly know, from experience, that these sort of behaviors (being overly emotional, putting her on a pedestal, choreplay, covert contracts, etc) causes a woman's vagina to dry up like salted jerky. You feel like you see life in color while everyone else is stuck in black and white.

As your knowledge increased, so did your sorrow. You can't "un-see" what has now been seen and you are stuck watching others double-down on their beta behaviors and shipwreck their relationships. As you learn more and more about the truth of how the world truly operates, this becomes more pronounced. In other words, the more you understand the truth, the more the lies will stand out to you. Thus, increasing your knowledge comes with increased vexation and sorrow. That is the cost and it doesn't change.

But you don't have to go it alone.

This sub is here, in part, for this very reason and I am grateful for this community. If you are a lurker, stop hanging out in the shadows and post. We are short on field reports here, and each one of us (if we are making application) has something to share. There are few places set aside for discussions like the ones that take place in this sub.

Make good use of it.

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