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The Importance of Qualified Pastors

July 19, 2017

Chosen Authority

Of the many authorities in our lives (elected officials, law enforcement officers, parents, teachers, bosses, etc.) there are few that we get to fully and freely choose to submit ourselves to. Our choice of pastor(s) who we allow to shepherd us and our families is almost entirely within our control. This choice will impact our lives in many ways, including our success in the bedroom.

Well, What is "Well"?

"He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive" 1 Timothy 3:4

One of the qualifications for overseer in the church of God is that the man must manage his own household well. If a pastor's household is not managed well, you shouldn't be under his leadership. So what is the standard for "well?" Paul defines what a well ordered family relationship looks like in many of his writings (see the side bar). At the core of a well managed household is God's design for the relationship between husbands and wives. Thus, if your pastor's marriage is not one of headship and submission, or if his wife is a feminist, his household is not well ordered and it would be wise to consider being lead by another pastor.

The importance of this is difficult to overstate. If your wife goes to your pastor for marital advice or concerns, you do not want him to reinforce blue pill feminist conditioning.

We Become Like Our Leaders

If your pastor is soft, effeminate, or doesn't promote biblical gender roles, it will be reflected in the congregation. Preaching from the front, their words and actions set the expectations for men in the church and influence the expectations women in the church will have of their husbands. After all, every man who sits under that pastor is giving their implicit approval of the man and his teaching. This is not lost on the women. If the pastor is effeminate or weak, that will be seen as the standard to emulate. Men who believe in traditional biblical gender roles, who care about theology, and who take their faith seriously are ostracized as they are seen as 'divisive' and dangerous.

Women Judge Us By Our Choice of Leader

Imagine that your friend is looking to learn a martial art. He wants to learn because he lives in a terrible part of town and will at some point need these skills to save his life. The city has several qualified gyms with virtually the same costs. In the end your friend picks a an instructor that doesn't know anything beyond the absolute basics, has a track record his students being killed as they were not properly trained, and is cavalier about the real dangers involved. This terrible choice for a mentor causes you to lose trust in your friend's judgement and greatly diminishes your respect for him. After all, your friend is not dealing in trifles; his life is on the line.

Your choice of pastor is far more important than this because your spiritual life, and those of your family, is at stake. Beyond that, men who subscribe to weak leadership do not give women the tingles in the 'gina.

If you are single and your pastor cannot properly handle the text, doesn't promote biblical gender roles, or is a woman, you are a going to struggle to find a good wife. Many Christian women of Godly character know that strong men won't abide a weak leader and will not be found in that congregation.

RP Men Thrive With Masculine Pastors

I'll spare you my full testimony, but a major pivot point in my life was when I switched churches. For several years I had been attending an evangelical mega-church where the "preaching" was self-help with some verses thrown in. The men in the church who had charisma, but were soft, weak, and effeminate were the ones given key leadership roles. The women in the church expected men to conform to that castrated standard.

For a host of reasons that don't pertain to this post, I left that church and began attending one that fit my theological convictions. I felt like a refugee being granted asylum. The men who had beards, drank beer, shot guns, and took charge of their families were the ones given leadership roles. The pastor was a big guy who could have kicked my tail if he had reason to. I thrived in this environment and the women in the church expected men to be men.

As we've moved around, my wife and I have done our share of church shopping. Having been a member of solid biblical congregation, my wife scoffs at the notion of pro-feminist pastors. This encourages me because I am responsible for the teaching my wife receives and I would be sinning to letting limp wristed leaders pour feminist garbage into her mind.


    1. Are you under the leadership of a qualified shepherd? If not, what are you doing about fixing the situation?
    1. Does your pastor actively promote biblical gender roles?
    1. What weak qualities or beliefs have you picked up from leaders that you are working on uprooting?

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