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The "Men Prefer" Controversy

July 26, 2018

A recent blog post from a relatively obscure site stirred up waves of controversy in the online Christian community. The post is titled Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos.

The short post is rather simple and straight forward. The author rightly asserts that young women who aspire to be wives and mothers ought to avoid debt and promiscuity, as men prefer women without this baggage. To do this, the author suggests that young women think carefully before going to college, as colleges promote both debt and promiscuity.

Obvious, no?

Evidently not. This post went viral and has been shared more than 214,000 times. One place it was shared was on the Reformed Pub facebook group. This group has over 20,000 members and adheres to conservative confessions of evangelical faith (West Minster, London Baptist Confession, Heidelberg, etc). Theologically speaking, there is much to be praised about the content of the group. In other words, this is not the place one should expect to find schools of spineless evangellyfish.

After being linked, the post generated approximately 400 comments before the admin team locked it down. White knights came storming out of their castles to defend indebted sluts. If a post that is so obviously self-evident can cause this much controversy among conservatives, one can only imagine what the reaction would be if some of our RP content were linked there.

After the thread was locked, another poster astutely pointed out the massive double standard that exists within the church today. The pointed out that if someone had posted something to the effect of, "Women Prefer Men With Decent Jobs Who Don't Look At Porn" they would have been universally applauded without push back.

Anyone who doubts the deep reaching influence of feminism in the church should dispel themselves of that false understanding. Feminism is cancer. Like cancer, feminism takes once healthy women within the church and deforms them. Then it begins to replicate and grow into a tumor, eventually spreading from there and infecting other areas of the body. The analogy continues. Your immune system thinks cancer cells are still part of the body and will not attack them. Similarly, the church thinks "christian" feminists are still part of the body and will not attack them, allowing the cancer to spread unchecked and ultimately killing the body.

There is an increasingly promising cancer treatment method where a patient is given a pill (...sound familiar?) that allows the immune system to "see" the cancerous cells for what they are and it begins to attack and remove them.

I like to think these pills are colored red.

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