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Hard Times Create Strong Men by Stefan Aarnio

August 9, 2021

Forgot where I found the recommendation from, but I really like the book and recommend it to everyone in here. Common themes are:

  • Hypergamy: a woman will go for the top 10% (in terms of SMV/status) of whatever world she is in. If she is in the nightclub party world, it will be the bartender, club owner, talent manager, whatever.
  • Hard Work, self improvement: a man's purpose is his work. Working towards your goal is masculine. Girls want you to be masculine so they can be feminine
  • Video Games and Porn: both are very very destructive. they give you a false sense of accomplishment and undeserved dopamine. it takes 10K hours to master a sport, excel in business, or master an art. It takes only 600 hours of master a video game. Modern men are weak, they will always choose the easier option
  • and many many many more topics and concepts about masculinity and being a man

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