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How to psychoanalyze someone by Scarlett Kennedy - request

November 10, 2018

From (does anyone have a copy??)


All humans want control. It's easy to gain control over your finances, career, nutrition, and the decor of your home. The collective complaints often heard are about one's relationships - particularly a person's romantic relationship. Complaints consist of not understanding why someone said something in a demeaning manor, what did they truly mean? What are their motivations?

While you're trying to either act like you don't care, or deeply analyze what they mean, you secretly wish you could take a step into their minds. This is what psychotherapists do. They step into their client's mind, for the purpose of helping them understand themselves and to heal.

Here, we aren't doing this. We're analyzing the depths of their minds to ascertain their lost dreams, dark shadows, untapped potential, motivations, genuine meanings behind their strange behaviours, and unmet needs. We're not therapists with alturistic intentions. If you've picked up this book, it's likely you've the read first book of this series: "How to make someone obsessed with you" along with that - you have the desire to control, manipulate, make people bend to your will. First, you'll need to go deep into the abyss of your victim's mind. With this book - you'll learn how. 

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