Divorce and Custody

February 22, 2017

I'm hoping to get some insight from the parents here who are going through, or have divorced a spouse with children involved.

A little background. Two children, 7M and 8F. For the most part the divorce has gone just about as well as divorces can go. Custody is split 50/50, and financially we are both ok. I'd like to think a lot of this is due to the red pill, holding frame, taking a beating when required and holding frame to make sure I get the outcome that is best for me, and my kids.

My ex-spouse can be quite combative as I was the one who ended the relationship, and cheated. Not my best decision, as I should have ended it first. So her hate for me is understandable. Though she has maintained this only towards me without getting our children involved.

I'm just looking for general advice moving forward to maintain parenting. Talks about the children seem to develove into what a cheating scum bag I am, and are mostly through text. Disagreements seem to pop up about activities for example that were never an issue before the split, but now she has new ideas on how to raise the kids. I'm just looking for some experience from other members, about holding frame, when and if to go nuclear, and there general experiences co parenting.

Handling shit tests, which is what I'm getting, are quite a different dynamic when children are involved, and maintaining frame is a different experience. There is no walking away from this relationship as a parent.

Any experience/insight you can provide is great.

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