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Alpha/beta behaviours, and how they are received depending on dominance thresholds

July 15, 2016

Recently we had a discussion on the chat about how alpha/beta behaviours from the men in our lives are perceived by us depending on our dominance thresholds. Some higher dominance threshold posters described disliking overt signs and declarations of romance/love especially on social media (a more beta behaviour) and wouldn't be very pleased to receive them! Others who have a lower threshold would have enjoyed this however, and the action would have been well received by them.

Another example that was mentioned by an high-threshold poster was an SO randomly swatting them on the ass (there is no other way to phrase this!) throughout the day, a higher dominance behaviour that may not be as well received by ladies who are have a lower threshold.

Here are the links to the previously discussed theory on dominance levels and thresholds if anyone would like to read up on them or refresh their memory:

Relationship dynamics part 1

Relationship dynamics part 1.5

Relationship dynamics part 2

It would be interesting to hear from you all more examples of alpha/beta behaviours that you have observed with your SOs and perhaps other men you come across in your lives, maybe observations about other relationships involving different thresholds, and how they are received by you depending on your own dominance threshold :)

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