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Argument over working out time

September 18, 2019

So my captain and I have started working out this past summer regularly. Two days ago he started complaining about it.

“My back hurts” “I’m tired” “I don’t have time to unwind in the evenings” “you started dinner late now our evening is late”

Ect ect ect

I was finding the whole thing a bummer because we’ve both dropped two dress sizes and I think we are successfully fighting this weight problem we’ve been having. I’m upset because I think he’s trying to sabotage both our efforts.

So I call him at work to tell him so. He started to get pretty upset fast. So upset he didn’t bother to close his office door and one of his workers came in and he said sternly “NOT NOW”. If you knew my husband he usually is very good at keeping in control of his emotions and keeping our martial problems private. He ended the call with me shortly after by hanging up on me.

So I’m feeling guilty because I caused my husband to lose control at work. He’s trying to tell me he’s overwhelmed. He thinks I’m not managing the evening time well so he can get done all the things he needs to.

So I decided we would do an evening water aerobics class he’s been mentioning but I kept saying no. He kept saying it’s a workout but easier on your joints and back. I didn’t want to do it because I thought our routine was great! But I thought going to this would smooth things over with him. So I had to get dinner ready on time and kids done with their evening activities to make it to this class without being late.

I mentioned this is what we are doing when he gets home and he’s actually excited about it! There was no more ill feelings or discussions about earlier. We have a great time during the class too.

We even took a shower together in the co Ed shower gym and even though I know he’s not the type of guy to have sex in a public setting there was a lot of foreplay that lead to making love later when we got home.

Sometimes figuring out what our men are saying and need goes a long way in getting through misunderstandings and hurt feelings!

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