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Date night ideas for when you can't/don't want to go out!

September 20, 2020

I think a lot of folks are in areas where you aren't allowed to go to a cafe or restaurant or bar yet - or if you can, you might not feel comfortable doing so! We've been under quite a restrictive lockdown for a few months, so I thought I'd share some suggestions of what we've done to keep the 'date feeling' alive - even if they were at home! Most of my suggestions involve alcohol, candles, and dressing up - all of which I think really help the magic.

- When we're in 'date mode', there are things we don't talk about. No budgeting, home maintenance discussion, no 'what will we do with mother-in-law at christmas time', no talking about the kids (from a friend's own rules). Think back to when you first dated your partner - were you talking about the plumbing that needed fixing or their rent schedule? No. Hobbies, work, media you've been consuming, all of those are good topics - but keep away from the boring, humdrum life stuff that you do day in, day out.

- Candles are magic, if you don't use them most of the time. We lit candles, put the nice linens out, and used the My Bar feature of this website (also an app) to give ourselves a menu of cocktails we could make at home from our existing pantry. We ended up drinking Yellow Birds (spoiler alert: new favourite) and giggling by candlelight then 'going home together'.

- Pack or buy a coffee (we're from the coffee capital of my country so even in the deepest lockdown, cafes were still allowed to do takeaway coffee) and sit in the garden, or a park if you're allowed to, and chat.

- Pick a gourmet recipe you've been wanting to try and go all out. For several days, I planned a gourmet grilled cheese date - following recipes from /r/grilledcheese and choosing a drink pairing and explaining it to my date. It was fun to try something different, but still felt special!

- Takeout! A lot of fancy places (in my area at least) are doing really amazing take-out at the moment - cheaper than it would be to go there and buy drinks. If you can, splurge on something really nice and make a date of it. Dress up, light the candles, pour the wine (easier to BYO at home!) and pay attention to each other.

- Make sure you dress up! You don't need to go all out, but being clean and smelling nice and wearing a dress/a little makeup/jewellery really helps elevate the mood and draw a line between 'date night' and 'regular life'.

What are you ladies doing to keep the ~~date vibes~~ going at home?

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