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Do redpilled men look for childlike faces and childbearing hips in women?

July 11, 2020

Hey loves,

I'm 21 years old and I have been investing some time in figuring out what my future husband would want in me. I have asked around and from the data they allowed me to conclude that they are looking for fresh and youthful faces which translates to me into a more childlike woman and after asking this to my dad who is very conservative himself he agreed that he married my mom because she had this cute dimples face and a sweet personality. And from recent trends on instagram where the most sought after women tend to have wide hips and the fact that men look for fertile women I came to the conclusion that childbearing hips are what they are looking for. I've been making effort into coming off more nymphet like and I immediately noticed that guys started paying more attention to me, without me even needing to wear anything revealing. But I'm kind of worried I might be attracting the wrong attention if I only focus on those aspects so how could I improve myself to appeal my future husband? I have been praying more too and been feeling a strong connection with God, it has certainly helped me with the squats.

Love you all

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