Mandatory apology for bad formatting due to being on my phone. I think I just might have found the solution to the dreaded "what would you like for dinner?"

-"uh idk"

And then you're stuck with limitless thinking, browsing the internet to no avail and alas reverting to your playing-it-safe casserole hoping that hubs won't notice you've rolled it out thrice this week. No more!

I myself overthink my week's menu WAY too much. My fiancé works from home while I work parttime from home & have uni as well, so there is little time to ponder about dinner.

Cuisine Roulette Is my way to go now. So what's Cuisine Roulette? I pick out one cuisine for the week and bind myself to it for the whole week. When in doubt, I just have to check Google for a dish from my chosen cuisine and it's much easier than browsing through random limitless stuff! I know it sounds dumb now... but this has seriously helped me with my uncertainty.

If you are still not sure how this is supposed to look like... tomorrow is Monday, it's going to be Mexican week. Let's say I already have a few dishes in mind.

Day 1: Chili con carne & homemade olive bread Day 2: Burritos Day 3: Tacos and spicy potato wedges Day 4: DIY fajitas

Now on day 5 I will probably run out of ideas, I can only know so many Mexican dishes right? I google "Mexican dishes", pick a nice one and find an easy recipe for it. I don't know about you ladies but I wouldn't have known what a Mole or a Bistec Encabollado is and that they would save me from my culinary creativity block.

Point is.. it's much easier to find good recipes if you know what you're looking for. AND you will really feel like a Michelin Star Chef knowing how to cook all these different dishes from around the world.

Some example cuisines for anyone willing to try: 1) Italian, 2) Thai, 3) Indian (specifically, North Indian), 4) Vietnamese, 5) French, 6) Southern American, 7) Chinese, 8) Middle Eastern, 9) Spanish, 10) Greek

I will share my favorite recipe from each cuisine below.

1) Italian Pumpkin Risotto 2) Thai Coconut Cream Chicken Curry 3) Indian Palak Paneer 4) Vietnamese Bo Kho 5) French Salmon en Papillote 6) Southern Catfish and Sweetpotato Fries 7) Chinese General Tso's Chicken 8) Middle Eastern Lebanese Chicken Fatte with Chickpeas 9) Spanish No-Brainer Paella 10) Greek Spanakopita with Halloumi Fries

Happy cooking! <3