Today’s Father’s Day and I am in deep reflection mode. To summarize, my father was a low value man. He was not a provider, he was not a protector. He spent his whole entire life depending on my mom for money and income, cheating on my mother with younger woman who made him feel better about his masculinity, and trying to connect with his three daughters through laughter etc, but not claiming his true responsibility as a man.

There’s a lot of things I resent my father for, but there’s been moments where he has attempted to show me love, support, etc, despite what he lacks.

Our relationship is on the rocks right now since I’ve felt like I had to heal myself from selecting men like him. I was engaged to a man similar to my dad ( a moocher), but luckily found red pill and my life changed.

I’m married now and just want to separate myself from low value people in general, including my dad. Im at a weird cross roads here. any advice from women who have gone through this? Should I try and talk to him, develop our relationship, or just go my own way?