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How to STFU

October 3, 2018

I’ve been following RPW for awhile with very little success in implementing much. I want to be everything for my dear husband—a soft place to land and all that—but I’m quite a critical person. This is excellent at my job and less excellent with my husband, where I know objectively it is in our benefit if I overlook his tiny little human faults.

I never yell or say anything I regret, but I get frustrated with myself and him and our relationship, not because he’s not wonderful but because we’re two people who live together.

I also find that when I discuss the small stuff with him it’s the only thing that successfully clears away my negative feelings. But while that’s great and he’s a deeply patient person, I feel terrible to exhaust him with my negativity.

How, how do y’all successfully get over your little mad angry feelings and not say anything to your husband? How do you not sweat the small stuff?

I want to work on myself and can’t conceptualize how to practically go about it.

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