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Husband is ill, and it's been a gift in disguise

November 15, 2019

And at first I was annoyed because I struggle with laziness and wanted more help watching baby, not less.

But as I learn more about RPW and am trying to implement it, I found something out.

I really am enjoying taking care of my husband. I fixed up his humidifier on his side of the bed each night and move it to his desk each morning. I'm excited for my small wages to cover the meds he needs to get better, and it delights me to watch our son longer so he gets the rest he needs.

Once I stopped focusing on everything being 'fair', (though not really, since he took half the housework and childcare in addition to his job), I enjoyed my house, child, and husband more. Less time spent watching the clock so I didn't do more work than needed, more time spent laughing with my son, making sure the house is presentable when my husband emerges from his office after work.

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