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Married Red Pill

May 4, 2021

Hi ladies, I am married to my husband of 5 years (with 2 small children). Derek is so sweet, and kind and hardworking, and he loves me so much. Our relationship is solid with a big "BUT".

I've always been attracted to more dominant/ take charge men. My husband is like that in his work/ social life/ hobbies etc but for some reason has never been like that with me. We will both SAY that we want him to lead our family, but we can't seem to actually make this happen. He feels that I am making a decision to not be submissive to him. And I feel like he (inadvertently) keeps giving me control/ final say in things regarding our relationship/ kids/ family etc, and that makes it SO HARD for me to TRUST him/ submit to him, when it seems like he doesn't trust himself.

Anyways, I discovered TRP and Married Red Pill about a month ago and oh my goodness, I feel the more I read, the more I understood my own feelings, even those I couldn't verbalize or understand before.

My question is this: Would you ladies (and men?) recommend me sending my husband to the link Married Red Pill and kind of just telling him... that this is what I want? Do you think that is a terrible idea?

Thank you for your input, and I am happy to be here in this community :)

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