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Not enough energy to do it all.

August 2, 2020

Hey everyone, I'm a 25 year old sahm. I have 2 young children under 4 and have been married for 5 years.

My husband is a pilot and works on and off, so he's home half the week and then it's just me and the kids.

Overall he's a great husband and provider, and I'm so grateful for my life and my family and do my best to cherish it all everyday.

My problem is, i don't know how to get a break or have enough energy and cheerfulness.. I need to recharge sometimes but I'm just on a roll all day. Breakfast then chores then messes then cooking then chores then homeschool and so on.. Around 4 pm I'm drained and get snappy.

If anyone's been in the same situation, how do you feel better and have enough energy all day to stay calm, peaceful, and loving while managing so much to do?

My husband helps sometimes and he takes us out and get me hired help once a week. I don't want to seem weak and stressed all the time. He does a lot for us. But sometimes I feel unappreciated even when I power through and do great.

I hate working so hard all day then have him saying he wants to go out and spend time with a friend, and I get jealous like why not appreciate all I've done today and have quality time with me instead?

Would love some help. We just got into a quarrel and hes taking care of the kids because I desperately needed a time out.

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