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SAHMs and SAHWs: What do you do all day?

March 2, 2017

I know my title is provocative, but I'm not hating, I swear! I know housewives and homemakers get a lot of criticism that usually involves the question: But what do you DO all day?

So...what do you do all day? How long does it take you to do what you need to do to maintain the home (cleaning, cooking, organizing, grocery shopping, etc), and, once you're done -- what do you spend your time doing? Do you pursue hobbies? Do you volunteer? Do you spend time on self-care? Hit the gym? Coupon? Read reddit? Learn a new language? Run a home business? Take a nap? (All totally valid, by the way.) Or do you never have any downtime?

At the moment I work from home but I'm looking to transition into a SAHW (and, eventually, a SAHM), so I'd love to see what your days look like!

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