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Self-Care MegaThread!

May 12, 2016

Ok everyone, /u/eliza_schuyler, /u/MsSadieDunham, /u/sariaru, and myself have assembled the skeleton and beginning content of a Self-Care MegaThread...but we want everyone to join in!! This is a Super MegaThread (:. If you have something to say, or multiple somethings to say, or even a new section to add that we may have overlooked -- go for it! Here are the quick rules of engagement so it flows in a cogent manner:

  • Top level comments are section headers only. There is also a “General Discussion” section, so use that as the normal comment area! Please don’t respond directly to the thread, but please do add as many tips as you can think of under their respective sections! And feel free to comment on or add more info to any other tips provided -- the more chatter the better (:

  • There are also sub-sections (see “Food” as an example)! Add more of those if you think of any other themes and any tips you have for those too! And maybe in the actual tips let’s italicize instead of bold for visual clarity d:

That's about it, now go go go! - BSC

List of Sections

Any more sections that y'all add will get put on the list! (: (:

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