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Which partner/husband is he out of a group of men?

September 21, 2020

I discovered TRP because I wanted to be a better woman for my man. I may not have vetted him the traditional RP way but somehow I got lucky in that he was raised in a traditional home and very much understands gender roles.

This is one little thought that keeps me going in my journey to submitting and essentially catering to him.

If my fiance and his friends or colleagues were discussing their partners, which guy is he?

Is he the guy that gets to brag about how awesome he gets treated at home? Is he the guy that the others are secretly jealous of? Is he the guy that gets his healthy, tasty lunch lovingly packed by his cute wife who genuinely thinks of him? Is he the guy that goes home and tells his wife how awesome his colleagues think she is?

Or is he the guy left to fend for himself, with a woman too engrossed in her own wants, her own responsibilities, to take proper care of her man? Is he the guy that is jealous of the first guy? Is he the guy that secretly wishes his wife was more like the first wife? Is he the guy that's left feeling like hes getting the short end of the stick?! Ouch, right?!?!

I know which one I want him to be and this literally keeps me going on a daily basis. No excuses ladies!!

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