Preface: I don't think this is really redpill but there are no internet opinions I value more than the people here so I'm hoping this flies..

So my partner and I have two friends that are a couple. They're his friends from college and I met them all at the same time. The other day girl and I are talking and she says "I don't want you to be mad but your boyfriend has been contacting me a lot, making me feel uncomfortable, trying to get me alone, coming on to me, etc." I was flabbergasted to say the least.

When my boyfriend came home from work I sat him down and said "Hey, I think you need to know what girl said about you, here's a heads up." I didn't accuse him of anything I just stuck to the facts, verbatim, as they were recited to me. He and I are (mostly) fine. I don't think anything is going on, but then my internal dialogue says, "Dummy, why would she say those things if they weren't true" I'm weirded out by the whole thing because she's either telling the truth or trying to stir a pot and I don't understand her endgame.

At this point we're both tending towards no contact with them. I'm trying to remain cool but I am annoyed and confused, not at anyone in particular but by the situation. Should I take more stock in what she said? Should either of us say anything to them? I don't want to go crazy on my partner for no reason but I also don't want to be made a fool.