I shared a few days ago that my husband and I are going through infertility treatment. Unfortunately that infertility treatment is pretty unpleasant- specifically post-ovulation. I have to take 200mg of progesterone vaginally every day until I get my period and then I get to stop. The progesterone makes my vagina very irritated. The side effects of the progesterone are decreased sex drive, exhaustion, moodiness, acne...well, you get the point. It all equals to the second two weeks of my cycle are a sexual dead zone. The good news is that the first two weeks the medications make me a nymphomaniac and by the time ovulation hits, Husband is looking forward to at least a few days of not having me pawing at his pants 24/7.

Husband knows all of my symptoms and he rarely initiates sex in those two weeks because he says that he wants me to be into the sex and even though I'd be willing, I wouldn't be into it. I've offered oral sex and he says again, he isn't interested in me giving him oral sex because I feel guilty that I have no sexual interest. He has never wanted me to give him oral sex without also receiving oral sex or vaginal sex. So the second half of the cycle mostly consists of cuddles and netflix.

Normally I try to trust and believe Husband. If he says something is okay, I believe him and trust it. I'm having trouble with this because I feel guilty and ashamed that we are having the fertility issues in the first place. I hate that it affects him. So I'm asking for your opinions- what should I do?

Edit: I am so touched by the compassionate responses. I know you all give it to an OP straight. I was over thinking and I just need to trust him and believe in us.