Hello Ladies! This isn't a super serious issue but I'm looking for advice on how to delicately bring this up with my wonderful captain. Lately I have been getting awful irritation on my wedding ring finger and after lots of experimentation (taking my rings off when I work out, taking them off when I wash hands, etc.) I am fairly certain I am allergic to the nickel in my white gold engagement ring and wedding band. Apparently these allergies can come out of nowhere because I was fine for ages.

Anyway, my husband knows I haven't been wearing my rings (I thought it was swelling due to heat that was the problem) and he is ok with it because you can see the blistering on my hand (i.e. obviously I'm not making this up).

Now that I think I've figured out the problem how do I tell him? He chose my rings and I love him and them. I know how proud he is of the rings and that he selected them, etc. and I would HATE for him to feel like they aren't good enough or something. I'm just dreading this conversation but I get a reaction if my rings are only on for a couple hours so at this point I feel like I have to say something.

How can I articulate the issue without sounding critical and in a way that allows him to decide what to do about it? Thanks!