I'm new to RPW so I apologize if I get some of the terminology wrong. I have been lurking for a while, and this is not a throwaway account, it's just nothing has inspired me to post on reddit until now! I am a happily married 25F. While my husband and I (and our social circle in general) are not conservative or traditional in our values, our relationship naturally developed a lot of the elements of a RPW relationship... he was my first, I make an ongoing effort to stay attractive to him, and keep his balls empty and his stomach full ;) that sort of thing. Because of my experience, I think the advice in here is very good, even if some of the more conservative stuff would not work in my relationship because of specific aspects of my husband's personality. I think I read something on here about personalizing the advice to your specific partner anyway!

So, I want to ask for some help for my friend. She is a few years older than me and currently single. For the last 4-5 years she has been basically a dude's off and on top plate. He is super alpha--very attractive to a lot of women, sleeps around while requiring monogamy from her while they are together, financially and socially successful, etc. Now he's left her probably for good, and she is somehow surprised, even though he never really committed to her despite her wanting him to. She really wants to get married, even if it can't be to him, but I think now she has "alpha widow" syndrome. No guy is good enough for her. Any guy attractive enough for her is not interested in commitment, or already committed. I guess she is hitting "the wall" pretty hard.

I really want to help my friend, so I thought about showing her this subreddit, but our social circle is pretty feminist, though I don't think she is really very feminist herself. If I say "red pill" I am afraid she might have a negative knee-jerk reaction, or our other friends will. What kind of advice can I give her that will help? I feel like I can't just say stuff like "maybe you should wear some makeup on your date" or "maybe you should learn to cook"! But I really feel like if she put more effort into self-improvement, accepted that maybe she needs to work on herself to attract a high-quality guy, and stopped letting dudes plate her, she would be a lot happier.

I feel pretty hopeless for her, like you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink... Maybe that is all the advice I will get here, but I thought I would at least try, and introduce myself also. Hello RPW!