tl;dr Want any advice on helping cousin-in-law adapt well to this new country without falling into the CC culture.

SO's cousin Julie just came to this country in on her parents' hopes that she attend high school, university, and find a good man to marry so she can stay and have a better life than one of SO's other cousins . Julie's from a smaller city than most international students come from. As a result, she hasn't picked up the big-city stuck-up shallow name-brand gossipy hot-commodity mentality.

From day one I've liked her, which is weird because it usually takes a month for me to warm up to people. She's down to earth, practical, honest, terrified of her family's hopes put on her shoulders, and took to confiding in me right away with everything from awkwardness in school, hopes for the future, insecurity about her appearance, and her thoughts on relationships, which she hasn't seemed to tell anyone else, not having many new friends here and being nervous to tell my future FIL anything.

Julie has a naturally RP viewpoint in regards to appearance and boys. She wants to avoid anything flashy until she's "old enough to find a husband" (after 18), so she dresses pretty modestly, save for a variety of pretty stud-earrings I bought her . She was happy when I told her that I'd teach her to do her hair and makeup when she was old enough. I ain't messing with her family's rules before then. She's freaked out by this country's dating culture and doesn't believe she should have to increase her number to figure out what she wants in a man. I told her I'm always here if she's got any questions or wants to talk about anything, so she doesn't have to ask her uncle and be embarrassed. Telling her these things seems to take a lot of stress off her.

My future FIL, without knowing we'd already been talking about boys, recently pointed to me and told her to do everything I do when it comes to relationships, , so I'm a good role model in his eyes (woot woot family approval!)

I've never had any kind of little sister figure, so although I can try to dispense advice to the best of my abilities, and take her places for girl-bonding time and language practice, I'm nervous about doing it right and not screwing her up somehow. To teach Julie how to make herself pretty and sweet (she's already sweet), without making her shallow or flashy or cocky. That kind of thing. To find a good man and be a good wife.

If anyone has experience with helping little sisters, cousins, or daughters navigate high school and the dating world, please share any experiences and advice, even cautionary tales. I love this girl to bits and want to live up to her description of me as "The most perfect cousin ever!"