Hey RPW. I'm pretty new here and I really see how RPW is the way to start living. All my life I was raised with the "you don't need no man" attitude and was really BP. I guess if I could put a time frame on how long I've tried doing RP things it would be maybe a month or so.

I've (23F) been living with my SO(24M) for 3 years now and I've been on the far end of BP. We were very rocky lately and I've been trying to implement RP living styles but I always fall back into BP entitlement. There are times when he would bring it up, I would reflect and get back on my feet but yesterday I was being really dumb and said one thing that ended the relationship. I misjudged being poked fun at in a light hearted manner for being disrespected - go me...

I'm finding it really hard to figure out how to deal with this because we both don't have money and we live together. I don't know if any of you know of a strategy on going about this in a RP way. He's also a lurker of TRP and is starting to implement those things in his life also.

I feel terrible and I've already "won" him back a few times. I won't deny I didn't try again yesterday and a little this morning but I don't want to bother him anymore.

Here are the answers to the questions. Sorry If i'm sound complain-y and lame but I just want the best for him and I'm still pretty sad about it.

-What are your faults? How have you contributed to the creation of these issues?- I've been very BP and self-entitled. I never acknowledged it before because I didn't know better. From reading various posts on RPW and TRP I can totally see why this is useless but I fall back into it a little too often.

-Why do you think this (these) problem(s) manifested?- I never gave him a chance to treat me right because I always demanded how to be treated.

-What steps have you already taken to try and resolve the problem?- I've took up all the chores in the house and I'm doing my best to always have food for him for when he comes home from school. I still need to learn how to organize myself for when I'm not home all day to clean and make food though.

-How long has this been an issue?- I've been BP since the beginning - 3 years. The talking about lack of respect and RP conversations started about 3-4 months ago.

-Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill? If a woman you really despised came to you with this issue, would you still think it's a legitimate concern? Or would you tell her she's throwing things out of proportion?- If a girl I hated came to me with this issue I would probably tell her to go work on herself. It's just hard to imagine since I'm so drawn to him.

-How's your bedroom life right now? Are you taking care of his needs emotionally and physically?- We've been really great in the bedroom recently. I'm being submissive and it's been amazing. I just can't seem to be submissive in everyday life.

Thanks everyone.