First off, I want to say that finding this community has been great for my self improvement and relationship. So thank you. Overall our relationship including bedroom life is great. I am looking for any practical advice on how to stop nagging. Its a terrible habit and I hate doing it, but too often I am stressed keeping up with what has to get done and it just slips out. I think the problem is that I'm pretty type A and I always have a mental list of everything I have to do. I can be a little perfectionist about cleaning and chores. When it gets too much, sometimes a minor thing can push me over the stress level into nagging. For example just something small like my SO leaves laundry on the floor, I will just forget the big picture of how wonderful and helpful he is, and nag. When in reality if I step back and think about it, that's not the kind of relationship I want to have. Afterward I always apologize and tell him I appreciate everything that he does. This isn't a huge conflict in our relationship but I want to stop bringing in unnecessary negativity. Any advice how to be mindful and remember this in day to day moments?