First things first, I'm a RP man posting this question for a friend of mine. She's currently unsatisfied with her dating life and I think you ladies might be able to help her. I pointed her to this sub and she read a bunch but didn't get much out of it. After reading through this sub myself I got the sense that much of the advice (at least in RPW 101) she already follows. Her problems are not the typical American girl problems.

From what I can tell, this is what holds her back:

  • She doesn't understand men (or get how to interact with them)
  • Low confidence
  • Her social skills need work

In a nutshell, she's a nerd. The product of being raised as the "trophy daughter" of overbearing parents:

  • Went to an all girls catholic highschool. Interaction with men was little to none.
  • Parents ignored her interests and forced her to get a law degree.
  • When she told them that the toxic law school culture and long hours of studying without seeing friends made her unbearably lonely, her parents simply put her on antidepressants

She just graduated with a JD at 25. Her last boyfriend was a few years ago and he was pretty beta. IMO she really just needs to grow into herself. If she were a guy I would tell her to go out and learn game hands down because it fixes all of this. But I'm not sure what the best advice is for a woman so I was hoping maybe some of you knew?