I've been following RPW for months - when I first found this subreddit I was surprised that I hadn't heard of it sooner because my whole life I've already been living by many of the principles discussed in the threads and recommended books.

I graduated from college ~3 years ago and my boyfriend (of 2 years) and I broke up at that time because we were just on different paths (I was 22, he was 28). Since that time, I've found a solid career and have moved to a larger city but have had literally 0 dates.

I'm in decent physical shape, I'm not overweight, but I'm working on being more athletic (one of my hobbies is training for a triathlon). People express that I'm attractive, but there is a catch. I'm 6'3" tall. I really think it hinders my dating life, men hardly EVER approach me. I have a feminine demeanor and I dress modestly but still "fashionable" (think French chic - simple lines and colors - nothing tacky, no big logos or "bling"). I don't believe in sex without monogamy so I haven't had sex in almost 3 years...

My goal is a LTR that would potentially lead to marriage. I miss the emotional and physical intimacy of being in a solid relationship. I want to be loved and desired by a man that I love and respect.

What could be holding me back? What are some things I could change or try differently? I'm nervous about dating apps/websites because I feel like they send the wrong message.

Edit: Also should include, I have a small circle of girl friends, but they're all in very committed relationships or married, so they don't know tons of men to introduce me to. I also live with my parents... not sure if that is impacting anything? Is that a turn off for men?