That's the experience of reading some of these questions. I'll be skimming along, yes, okay, dead bedroom, trying to do better, been reading RPW for a few weeks/months, boyfriend is like this, she is like that, yeah, yeah, looks familiar... and then, suddenly:

I've been trying to improve. Every day I tie a live duck to my right ankle, just like the red pill advises. It's hard, but I'm getting used to the quacking now. He doesn't seem to like it, though.

... or something only slightly less ridiculous.


The red pill advises whatnow?

When did I write this? When did any EC write this, here or on TRP? Who wrote this? How on earth did you come to think this was any part of red pill advice?

As if we didn't already know.

Some of y'all been going to university, and listening to the freshman in the back of the class, who's straight of out high school, instead of to the professor's lecture.


Our relationship has worked up to this point because I worked the RedPill and part of this included hiding my fetishes with him so I would appear to be a quality woman.

This poor girl somehow got confused, listened to the newcomers in the cheap seats, thought it was redpilled advice because it was a comment on RPW, and thought that:

  • Quality women don't have fetishes (What?)
  • Quality women lie to their spouses. (Seriously?)
  • Lying and hiding information from a man helps him to be a good and effective leader. (No. Just... no.)
  • You can white-knuckle your way through life suppressing your own needs (I'll pass, thanks.)

RPW is no different than every other place in the human sphere... it's fulla people who love to hear themselves talk. Some of those advice comments are coming from people who just showed up here yesterday, and have never had a successful relationship in their lives. It's kinda dumb for them to be pontificating, but the mod team's not gonna ban them all, because that's like trying to hold back a glacier, and, hey, they need to learn, too.

So be careful who you listen to.

We invented the EC tag system to make this easier on you. There are some people you know you can rely on, with big, easy to read stamps on them for your convenience. The mods have vetted them for a long time, to make sure they know what they are talking about, and continue to watch them to make sure quality stays high. (Yes, tags have been yanked in the past, for bad advice, or losing the trust of the community).

Others, you might wanna ask yourself if what you just heard is really in line with the way we try to build healthy relationships.

And if you're trying some principle that just isn't working out for you no matter how hard you try, try asking yourself if that's really something we actually teach... or you just picked up that impression from somewhere.

And for god's sake, don't hide your kinks from your husband. (Eyeroll.)