Hi all!

Long time lurker / fan.

Here is some background info:

Been dating my SO for just over a year. I am 25, he is 27. We do not live together, nor do we want to live together prior to engagement and/or marriage.

We have both made it clear we are marriage minded, although we do not so openly talk about "our" marriage and "our" wedding or "our" kids. Just hypotheticals at this point.

I honestly believe we are headed towards marriage, but more specifically, I am curious if these signs point to it coming sooner rather than later. I am not the type to grasp at straws or make something out of nothing, so I will try to give objective details and would appreciate objective advice on whether this future together is coming sooner rather than later (if at all).


Here is what makes me doubt a proposal within the next year:

1) Although most (if not all ) of his friends are engaged and/or married, he has made comments such as "I have no idea why everyone is in such a hurry". "I can't believe people are getting married right now" and "Its a pretty big decision to make at this point in life" I remain objective to those comments and don't really react one way or another.

2) He hasn't really asked me what shape diamond I would prefer. Then again, I dont know if thats a normal question or if they just pick something out? Maybe he would just pick out whatever he likes? Either way, I'm sure it would be gorgeous. I just know sometimes they try to find out what a girl likes first. Who knows.

Reasons I have been getting a sneaking suspicion that he has other ideas:

1) I made a comment about renting my place that I am currently in. He then said "I dont think you will be renting a year from now". I jokingly say "Well, I sure as heck am not buying a house next year!" (We live in southern californian, where it costs a fortune to buy) and he said "Well, then, maybe you wouldn't have to"

2) He has also made comments about how the next place he buys he "would like to buy with someone else"

3) He has made comments about what a great partner I am.

4) In talking about my business goals in the next 5 years, he kiddingly said he would "Throw a wrench in those plans" and "have a baby with me". Again, this was all in a joking manner..but....really?! I was caught off guard in the best ways possible

5) More recently he has asked me whether I prefer white gold or yellow gold. Now, sure, this could be for other jewelry. And maybe it is. I would appreciate it either way. But this was as I was holding up my hand looking at the gold ring I wear on my right ring finger, looking at the nails I just got done (lol dont judge. just found a new polish that stays for 7 days and isn't gel!)

6) He has brought up all his friends who are getting married and moving in together. I realize this is relative to the point in which we are in our lives, but at the same time, if it made him uncomfortable, or if he DIDNT want to talk about it, why bring it up?

7) He has bene doing really sweet things. Taking me for massages, filling up my gas tank, taking me out to dinners, etc, and just overall really stepping up in other ways. (Don't worry, I cook for him and take care of all his needs too)

8) We were just both at his best friends wedding. He was the best man. His parents then forwarded him an email, the weekend after, of an article of like "10 things to consider before getting engaged!". He shared this with me. Not necessarily saying "Hey! Lets get engaged!" but why would they be sending that/

9) I have met his mom 2-3 times (We both live out of state) and she calls me a few times a week just to chat, check in, and overall form a relationship. I like this :)

10) In talking about my student loans / finances he has made a comment of "Well, maybe the debt fairy will come along one day and just take care of them". He has made several comments similar to this.

Heres where I may be dropping the ball

if and only if those are sure signs he is thinking of proposal, I have no idea how to react when he brings up such things! I get nervous and giddy, and I dont really react either way! I am not super smooth with things like this, so where he may be trying to test the waters, I dont really react one way or another! I want him to feel comfortable and confident and KNOW that I would absolutely say Yes...but I also dont want to jump to ridiculous conclusions either and be let down.

Have any of you ladies navigated such situations before? Any recommendations or feed back for this?

By the way, happy almost turkey day!!