I need a second (technically third) opinion, and maybe to rant a little, on a situation I'm having with my dating life. I can't tell if my reactions are justified or if it's the hamster spinning it's wheel.

Background: Been dating a guy for 2 months, not exclusive yet but (I thought) getting there. Easily one of the best men I've ever dated. Everything's been good until last Sunday, and he's been exhibiting strange behavior since.

  • He was out of town this past weekend, visiting family and an event on Sunday. I sent him our normal 'good morning' message that morning, heard nothing back, then sent a quick 'I'm thinking about you' in the afternoon. His reply was one short sentence about 4 hours later. This is the longest we've gone without communicating - I know he had a lot going on that day, but how difficult would it have been to send a 2-second 'today's crazy I'll talk to you tomorrow' text?

  • I called him Monday morning, letting him know that I was upset that he hadn't kept in touch (if it hadn't been for Facebook I wouldn't have even known his plane landed safely). He apologized, said he didn't mean to ignore me, and that we'd talk about it more on our next date. Which is fine, I wasn't looking to delve into it just then.

  • We text last night and make a date for the next time we're both free, next Sunday. Now this wouldn't bother me except for the change in his communications. There's no mention of missing me, wishing he could see me sooner, calling me pet names (which wasn't often but still here and there - now it's stopped completely). I was on vacation about a month ago, when we were first dating, and the texts from him are like night and day. I also feel like he's not taking my feelings into account. There have been times that he's been down about something and I make time to call him to talk it through. Now when I'm feeling upset, he doesn't reach out to me?

  • We met online, I still have my account and go on every so often. As I said we're not exclusive, and I'm open with him about it. I logged on today, out of nostalgia flipped back to our old messages and discovered he deleted his account. He's made no mention of it and I don't know if it's because of me or not.

He's a busy guy with a lot on his plate with work, hobbies, and friends. I don't need constant communication and updates. But I do want to feel like I'll have some priority in his life if things become serious. Since that Sunday, I feel like a switch has flipped and he's no longer smitten (his words, not mine) with me. Which would suck, because I'm pretty damn smitten too.

Please help, I need some RP guidance. As of now, I'm letting him take the lead - I'll respond to texts/calls from him but won't initiate any myself, and I won't bring up the situation again until/if he asks. Along with focusing on me, working out and living my life.

Edit: grammar and such.