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An RPW example in /r/explainlikeimfive

April 23, 2014

i quit my job to take care of my husband who works 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week. Some said I was stupid, others called me backwards, spoiled, lazy, I've heard it all. What those snarky people don't realize is, as a couple, when I worked, he was suffering. He didn't have time to prepare his own lunch or dinner, wash/dry fold his clothes, go shopping for food, exercise, or let alone help clean the house. If I was the one who made more money, this tale would be reversed, and he would be the one to have quit his job. But as it stands, I couldn't watch him slowly become miserable. So, I quit my job to do all the shopping/food preparing. He gets a balanced nutritious break/lunch/dinner every day. His clothes are purchased without any consultation, washed and put away. The house is cleaned every day, I save a ton now on housekeeping fees. And the most important thing in my mind, we now walk the dogs everyday after work, and surf every chance we get. Weekends are nice now, I don't dread going to work on Sunday, nor do I spend my entire weekend cleaning and shopping. We actually do stuff together. He is getting promotion after promotion because he is relaxed (sex is nearly nightly) and well-slept, and well taken care of. His coworkers, who at first thought I was just looking for a free ride, now come over to dinner at least once a week because they are tired of eating out and their wives work. I still maintain my freedom, I read and write constantly, and I have my degree plus teaching experience, and I can always go back to work when I care to, if I care to. I don't know how people are able to survive any other way. This is just one woman's opinion.


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