Curious. I'm an undergrad still and have been considering following in my family's footsteps toward law enforcement. Right now I'm getting a Bachelor's because it was a good deal with my scholarship. Overall I would be fully willing to put my career on hold to raise children someday and maintain a home for my future man, but I get the feeling having anything to do with military or police type experience makes me unattractive in the RP sense. It's not a feminine job. I've met some older women in the field, most have been married and are happy, still beautiful and kind ladies. They seem naturally feminine though. I feel like I'm not naturally too feminine already. I've been working on being friendlier and more welcoming, I'm usually very low fuss and blend with the scenery lol... I've been told I'm androgynous looking and have a deeper/rougher voice than most girls. I tend to be shy and nervous sometimes, though that's more because I still live with my toxic family members that drain me emotionally.

I'm wondering how bad a military or police career would affect my standing in regards to attractiveness... I know the work hours and demands are tedious, but I'd still be willing to put in the extra mile and smile toward my partner if I were dating.

Edit: Thank you, ladies! I skimmed through, I'll read each closer in the morning :)