Hey there everyone. Since we're all familiar with TRP theories, I was wondering if this was something you thought about in terms of guys you know. Anyone here who knows a guy who seems to attract women all the time, have lots of dating success, and honestly the guy is nothing that special?

I'll start. I have a male friend. I'll just go ahead and call him Mike. He's nothing special really, but he's amazing at attracting women - and not just any women, but many of them are very attractive.

He's shorter than all the males in my friends group, he's very average looking in the face, skinny build, has a part time retail job with low pay, no formal education, serious health issues, likes to whine and complain a lot - and yet he attracts mad pussy.

Almost every girl I introduce to him ends up invariably dating him. He went on a cruise where in one week he attracted three women and slept with two of them. All of the women he has dated have been undeniably hot. Women who have turned down most of my male friends sexually have no problem giving it away to this guy. So I'm just sitting here, wondering to myself, what makes him such a pussy magnet?

Here are some reasons why he may be so successful: he has an undeniably confident and cocky attitude despite his flaws, he has an open mind and is willing to talk to any woman about anything, he has a large number of female friends and several platonic ones that he's not even interested in, he treats the females he knows no different than a dude - doesn't show any kind of unfair deference or attention, is very talkative and very easy to talk to, very blunt and honest about his opinions - even if he knows it might offend present company, very opinionated and will argue vehemently in defense of his opinions.

He also has no problem with taking an interest in stereotypically female interests like yoga and is impossible to embarrass.

I'd say if he has alpha aspects, they are definitely natural and not forced. He doesn't feel the need to insult some chick to demonstrate his value. In fact, he'll give out many compliments to women he's just met, but out of honesty, not in some sychophantic display of deference. He also has no problem dating sluts or even sharing a woman with another man. He's also just as willing to be in a submissive position sexually as a dominating one and talks openly about how he loves eating chicks out, and stuff like that.

So I guess he doesn't really seem to follow a set of tips and tricks, he just as a natural confidence that brings the ladies.