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Assuming men are stupid.

February 18, 2018

While the goal of girl game is ultimately to get better treatment from men, the practice of it must consist of something more than naively grabbing for what you want in the most obvious fashion possible.

As /u/durtyknees so aptly put it:

I've always found it ironic that women who aim for "high quality" men underestimate the mental capacity of such men, as if outstanding intellect, exceptional empathy, and excellent social skills are somehow not traits found in "high quality" men

--- I mean, this is the impression I get from reading posts in RP communities, and I always scratch my head about it.

To expand on this idea, it makes little sense to date a man who joined the Army and made it through Ranger School and then ask RPW about how best to break this man's will with an ultimatum.

Or to date a man who carefully practiced seduction, how to read women, and how to make himself attractive to them, then ask RPW about how to play little games to make him jealous... because you saw that in a movie once.

Or to date a man who got himself a law degree, passed the bar exam, learned through experience how to play a jury like a fiddle, then ask RPW how to put off his sexual advances while feigning passion.

If you do not want a stupid, weak-willed, or oblivious man, do not employ tactics that require these qualities in a man.

This is why high-quality girl game does not consist of adversarial tactics. Not because these tactics never work, but because the kind of man you can defeat in a game of chicken is not the sort of man you want to spend the rest of your life with. "The Rules" may be an excellent manual for managing your beta orbiters, but that's all it is.

Since a woman's goal is to remain with the man she practicing game on, any means of getting her way that makes her man unhappy with the result, will damage the relationship even if it works. Girl game does not contain the same level of option to "next" men, so it must seek a win-win situation.

An excellent rule of thumb for this is if explaining your tactic to him as you perform it would make it not work... it's not a good idea to try it at all.

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