Hello all! Been checking in on this subreddit for a little while now and have made a few comments but I think this is my first post. Just would like some womanly advice!

Tomorrow night (or sometime this week), it sounds like I'll be going with my husband to dinner with some of his clients. He's a web developer (chief technology officer), and he's a lot more behind the scenes, so he doesn't do these things often. I'm really excited to be able to attend something like this with him, as I'm always so proud of how hard he works (he's only 25, and has been at the company for about eight years). I love love love telling people what he does and how well he provides for us (I work part time).

So when I go with him I want to be the best reflection of him as possible. So the questions I want to ask are - What should I wear? We'll probably be going to a nice restaurant. A nice but not too fancy dress? Nice makeup but not over the top obviously. What etiquette/lady like manners should I put at the top of my list to remember? Any tips are welcome! (I keep thinking to myself - just act like Duchess Kate would - am I right?? lol. She's definitely an awesome example).

Thank you! Keep on red pilling :)