Hi, some of you remember my previous posts. Here's an update on my current situation:

My bf and I had other problems. I found out that he has been talking to his ex (not about getting back together or cheating per se, but he has been talking to her and met up three times throughout the summer without my knowledge.) I confronted him after I saw his emails. His ex and him didn't end things in good terms, his explanation to me is that he's been holding grudges on how it ended, wanted to see how she's doing and "what's the big deal about her." He said he never wanted her back, and that if he wanted, he could've long time ago, but he chose to be with me. He said he just met her to get an update on life and how the family is doing, etc. The problem is, I remember those nights, he would text me last minute and say "hey baby, I'm going to grab a bite with coworkers from the office. see you later!" So turns out he was meeting her.

I got immediately turned off by this and broke up with him. We didn't talk for a couple days. He came back to me and begged me to forgive him, wrote ridiculously touching emails on how he lost the best thing happened to his life. He told me it took our breakup for him to realize that he had the best thing (with me) and his way of seeking for closure was so foolish, he told me he has finally done the right thing and cut contact with her. I was hesitant but I decided to give him another chance. I do love him after all.

This all happened a few days before he has to leave town (he was only in my town for the summer for an internship, and now summer is over, he moved back to his town.) We are now long distance again and I find myself always getting worried and anxious about where is he at, who is he calling, who does he have lunch with, etc.

Last night I was really down, I asked him if he has been talking to his ex, he promised he has not. And that I'm the only one.

I don't doubt he loves me, but I'm worried that I may be not enough for him, that he always want other women's attention.. I don't know what to do to get over the incidents, or if I should just give up on us.

My question for your ladies is: How do you know your husband/boyfriend is trustworthy? Should couples have their own privacy? (One thing I should mention is that, he didn't tell his ex about me, she didn't know he has a gf.) Should I jump ship?