It's IT, he's basically on the phone all day trying to fix problems he has no experience with. Everyone learns on the job, and the problems are specific to their software so you can't google it. He can ask more senior people but that's stressful too since they're busy. But he's doing well and has received compliments from his trainer.

I don't know what to say. I've had a physically exhausting job and another job where I had to deal with coding/server problems out of my league, but I can't relate since it wasn't my job desc anyway. I believe in him but I cringe because any encouragement sounds trite/condescending coming out of my mouth, and I don't really believe it. I don't really know if everything will be ok, do I? Will it get better? Like I don't have authority to say that. His last job was awful and I said at least he's not working at X, but he said he didn't like it when I said that. Welp :l

So how can I make it easier? I see him on the weekends. We go to the gym, and last weekend I made him food to pack for lunch this week. I give him bjs generously. What else?

Also, I am scheduled to start a purportedly stressful job in three weeks and need advice when both of us are stressed :l