My(F27) boyfriend(M28) has had his ex on all of his social media accounts since we got together. Early on, he mentioned that they were still good friends and wanted to maintain contact. He was actively liking all her posts and keeping in touch, which bothered me, but I let it go.

However, after breaking up once for unrelated reasons and then getting back together, I voiced my discomfort with their ongoing connection. It just seemed like he wasn’t completely over her. He reassured me that wasn’t the case and expressed no interest in maintaining contact with her. When I asked him to unfollow her on Instagram, he said it was no big deal – but instead of unfollowing her, he deleted his entire Instagram account. I noticed he still has her on other social media platforms, which upsets me.

We have a good relationship otherwise – he’s supportive, loving, and an overall great partner. I don’t think he’s in regular contact with his ex, but the mere fact that he finds it problematic to remove her from his social media unnerves me. Is this a massive red flag? Should I be upset about this, or even ask him to delete her? I hate the idea of being so controlling as to dictate who he should have on his social media, but I feel weighed down by this issue. I’m torn and could really use some advice. I just hate to be in this position where I have to ask or worry about these things.