Hi! I have been lurking for a little while and have read the sideboards. You ladies are very inspirational and I LOVE that I've been pointed in the direction of this board. So I am wondering if there's a checklist or where you all began when you were single and wanting to attract the right man. 2 obvious things I know I need to work on are: 1. Wardrobe/Appearance - I've been backpacking and my clothes are a disgrace to stay the least. What is your 'go-to' style for a tall, fit-looking woman? I have band tees and I think they really need to go. I used to wear a lot of jeans with holes - also a no. I don't wear much makeup (a little foundation and mascara) and I have gotten rid of my purple hair. It's not me! I'm going for a natural, feminine, cute look. 2. Women skills! - Right now I don't think I have that much to contribute to a relationship by way of women skills. I have cooked 3 meals this week with all positive responses, and am working on my housekeeping but what else can I do? Thank you so much ladies! Please help lead me in the right direction!