Thanksgiving is on November 27th and I know I can't be the only one cooking and definitely not the only one eating : )

So I thought we could start a collection of recipes here! Anything that you are either planning on cooking, or a dish that your family makes that you're planning on eating...

The only rules are that you:

  • talk about food(Ex. Recipes, Favorite Dish)
  • talk about ideas about making food or eating food(Ex. Best way to cook a turkey, The best pie)
  • share memories/stories (Ex. Grandma used to make..., That time the turkey caught fire...)
  • gush about how awesome your turkey day is going to be, especially if you're hosting! (Ex. What are your plans, what are you most looking forward to)

Just try to keep food involved in this! If you don't have a recipe, maybe just listing the ingredients, or just talking about your favorite dish can give us all some inspiration. If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house and having guests, how are you going to arrange the table, any games involved, will there be egg nog, etc.

Have fun!