I'm tired of these extreme viewpoints which seem to fall into 2 categories.

  1. Fat ugly bitch should be glad to get attention from men. Feminist dyke cunts say that saying "hello" is sexual harassment now are you fucking kidding me!?!? Someone should rape this bitch to give her some thing real to complain about!

and, on the flipside:


The truth about this lies somewhere in between. I think most men don't understand how fucking UNCOMFORTABLE it is to be a woman walking alone, even when dressed modestly, and that this type of "HEY BABY!" "DAMN LOOKIT DAT ASS!" type of comments start at a VERY young age. For me, it was 13. Apparently, me just walking down the street in jeans and a t-shirt makes men think I am deliberately turning them on or flirting with them or something. If I smile and talk to them? it only gets worse. Followed. Yelled at. Told to perform sex acts. Whatever. Disgusting.

So, no, saying "hello" is not sexual harassment. Hell, even yelling "Dat ass!" isn't sexual harassment. But there is an experience of being a woman walking alone that triggers some kind of animal response in men and it is not pleasant. You can see how in extreme parts of the world, cultures say . . fuck this, a woman can't leave the house without a male relative because we know how men can be.

To sum it up, women have to deal with things that men, for the most part do not. This does NOT mean it's "harder" to be a woman or that men don't have to deal with stuff too, but it's DIFFERENT to walk alone as a woman vs walking alone as a man and it's UNCOMFORTABLE to be in that common situation that the woman in the video was in.